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Name: Florence  
Referred by: Just Surfed On In! 
From: Edmonton 
Date: 03-Feb-98 01:26 PM 
Comments: I just wanted to say that I think that Leon is sooo cute! I havn't heard the news on him recently because I live in Edmonton and I'm not in touch with Hong Kong stuff, but I hear he's still very very hot. 

Name: Lu Choun Hian  
Referred by: Yahoo 
From: Singapore 
Date: 03-Feb-98 04:07 AM 
Comments:  Thanks for your info on Vivian.I really appreciate it.I do hope you can give me more info.Thanks! 

Name: ¹Ü»ª  
Referred by: Just Surfed On In! 
From: china, 
Date: 02-Feb-98 08:52 PM 
Comments: I like vivian very much. I will know 

Name: Clarence  
Referred by: Yahoo 
From: Hong Kong 
Date: 01-Feb-98 10:01 AM 
Comments: Dear Janice, Your website is very nice, I like the great photo and song, Thank you very much!! Leon Lai always is the best!! 

Referred by: Alta Vista 
Date: 01-Feb-98 07:40 AM 

Name: sophie  
Referred by: Just Surfed On In! 
From: taiwan 
Date: 31-Jan-98 02:18 PM 
Comments: dear janice i love your homepage... 

Name: Elaine Lau  
Referred by: Yahoo 
From: Hong Kong 
Date: 31-Jan-98 09:22 AM 
Comments: Hello, your Leon's Home Page is very nice and your work is very greatful. Keep your work and update more about Leon. 

Name: Douane T. Wang  
Referred by: Word of Mouth 
From: Taiwan 
Date: 31-Jan-98 02:03 AM 
Comments: Janice, I read your story about you going to the Vivian fan club meeting in Hong Kong in December. I believe you are the most fortunate person in the whole world. A close friend and I want very much to join the same Vivian fan club that you're in, but unfortunately, we don't know how to join. We don't know where to sign up or who to sign up with. After reading about your acquaintance with Vivian, both my friend and I are very enthusiastic about being more devoted Vivian fans than we are already. If it's not too much trouble for you, could you please email me back at,, or I'm a student at Cal Poly Pomona, and I live in LA. Thank you so much, and I really appreciate all your help! Sincerely yours, Douane T. Wang 

Name: lindsay lo  
Referred by: Just Surfed On In! 
From: MA 
Date: 30-Jan-98 02:29 PM 
Comments: like Leon too, but what's with the new hair? 

Name: Simon Ng  
Website: Simon Ng's Homepage 
Referred by: Alta Vista 
From: UK 
Date: 30-Jan-98 12:17 PM 
Comments: An Excellent homepage Janice, plenty of info. Usually I can't find homepages with much details about popstars.....Your's is really complete..... have u got ICQ??? 

Name: cecilia wong  
Referred by: Yahoo 
From: malaysia 
Date: 30-Jan-98 06:30 AM 
Comments: Leon Lai and Vivian Chow are my favourite idol too. Congratulation on your good job! Keep up the good work! 

Name: Leon Lai (Its my real name!)  
Referred by: Infoseek Ultra 
Date: 26-Jan-98 06:34 PM 
Comments: I like your homepage very much ! Especially the picture of Leon ! Please update them often ! 

Name: Minn Vuong  
Referred by: Just Surfed On In! 
From: Australia 
Date: 26-Jan-98 04:20 PM 
Comments: Hiee... Well, I jsut surfed on in and now I'm hooked on to your homepage. The pictures and info. about Leon are just great!! I'll definately becoming back for more new stuff. Minn 

Name: Snoopy  
Referred by: Excite 
From: HK 
Date: 26-Jan-98 03:17 AM 
Comments: It's a great page.. but why don't you put the chinese lyrics up for people as well along with the translated ones? Anyway.. keep it up! Leon Rules! 

Name: Selene Yap  
Referred by: Yahoo 
From: Singapre 
Date: 25-Jan-98 06:47 PM 
Comments: Well Done 

Name: Meow Loon  
Referred by: Just Surfed On In! 
From: U.S.A. 
Date: 25-Jan-98 07:49 AM 
Comments: Thanks- U did a real good job. I love Leon Lai too. I haven't got a chance to see your Vivan Chow yet.(Maybe I did pass yours but didn't get a chance to sign you guestbook I did go into a few.) Thanks again. Hope for you to reply back to this message!! Sincerely, -Meow Loon 

Name: Jeanette Lee  
Referred by: Net Search 
From: Singapore 
Date: 23-Jan-98 09:31 AM 
Comments: Hi Janice ... 

Name: Shirley Cheung  
Referred by: Other Links 
From: Netvigator 
Date: 23-Jan-98 05:28 AM 
Comments: Pictures are great! 

Name: carmen  
Referred by: Other Links 
Date: 22-Jan-98 08:10 PM 
Comments: leon is good men! 

Name: Ahn, so youn  
Referred by: Yahoo 
From: Seoul, Korea 
Date: 20-Jan-98 08:44 PM 
Comments: Hi! I`m Korean LEON `s fan. I like your homepage very very much.(feichang xihuan!) In this winter, I watched LEON`s concert, too. He is always GERAT!!! Your homepage is very very nice!!!! I hope to see new leon`s picture soon. Sorry for my English.....I cannot speak(?) English. Sorry. 

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